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Binary Options for Beginners

Have you heard about Binary Options trading? It is the newest global stock and forex trading instrument which is taking the financial world by storm.

For the first time in the history of man, there is now a simple way to trade on the global FOREX and stock markets that is easily accessible to everyone. In a nutshell, binary Options trading is now considered the latest and greatest way to succeed when earning an income via the exciting world of the stock market trading.

Interested? How do you get started?

Trading in binary option is simple; however, there are a few important basic concepts that you need to understand before jumping head first into trading in binary options.

What are Binary Options or a what is a Binary Option?

Binary options are very simple to understand. A binary options contract is a fixed reward contract with only 2 options:

  • Fixed profit
  • Fixed loss

There are, fortunately no other options. In theory, the fact that there are only two options when trading in binary options, makes

It is quite simple to trade in Binary Options. You can choose whether or not the price of an underlying asset (commodities, currencies, stocks etc.) is going to increase or decrease over

What to Consider before Choosing Accounting and Tax Preparation

Choosing accounting and tax preparation may not as easy as you think. There are numerous options out there but not all of them are created equally; that is why you need to carefully consider the right one. This thing happens because there is no actual federal law which regulating the paid tax preparers.

One of the best certified public accountant and consultants in Surprise, AZ is Richard Steiman from We take care any of your business from the birth of a child, changing marital status, selling or buying a business, retirement issue, to estate planning. Any of your business which has the relation with tax surely will need an accounting and tax preparer. Richard provides accounting and tax preparation for small business and his wife, Sherry, offers bookkeeping using the Quickbooks.

Seeing the endless ranges of the tax forms indeed, can lead to confusion. That is why you need to ask someone to help you with the accounting and also tax preparation. The fact is more than half taxpayers actually hire a professional tax preparer. Anyway, if you are going to hire one, make sure that you pick the tax preparer carefully since you are responsible for any information on the

Automated trading

Anyone who wants to normally earn, must look at the possibilities of one of the most powerful tools of the trade – MetaTrader 4. With these forex trading tips it is possible to trade in the financial markets such well-known as the Forex, Futures, CFD. In your hands a unique tool that makes it possible to hold commercial transactions expose the system analysis of changes in the financial instruments, form and implement automated trading programme. As you can see, MetaTrader 4 is a personification of the realization of “all-in-one”, resulting in its unprecedented global popularity. You can really accept it as forex trading tips for success.


The free forex trading software MetaTrader 4 for clients in a position to compete with similar programs in their analytical capabilities, and quite impressive.

With the help of the available nine periods of so-called timeframes, all incorporated in the program a financial instrument could make a detailed analysis of the dynamics of quotations held.

Determining trends, identifying entry points, exit, finding different shapes overlap between analytic objects – quite superfluous to the comparative figures in a variety of trading systems.

Those experts who are more comfortable to continue to analyze in detail in the

Comparing Auction Sites

cWith $8,592 million in net revenues in 2015, eBay Inc (NASDAQ: EBAY) is one of the largest players in the e-commerce industry and the largest one in the online auction industry. However, the online auction industry is highly fragmented, with many players. DealDash Oy, a pay-to-participate auction and privately-held company, stands as a major contender with its 4 million-user database.
Bidding on eBay

eBay provides its users with two options for auction-style listings. Regular auctions can last one, three, five, seven or 10 days, and sellers can set a minimum price. Buyers can make incremental bids, and the highest bidder buys the item. In partnership with auction houses, eBay offers live auction events in which only pre-approved buyers can participate.

While buyers pay no auction fees in regular auctions, they pay buyers’ premium fees (up to 30% of the amounts of winning bids) to the auction house for live auctions. For regular auctions, sellers may offer buyers a reserve price, referred to as “Buy It Now,” to immediately end the auction and acquire the item. Bidders who lost the auction may try

3 Common Financial Mistakes for Women to Avoid

tuIt’s no secret that women tend to be in worse financial shape than men. According to BlackRock’s 2015 Annual Global Investor Pulse Survey of more than 4,000 Americans, women are more likely than men to have no savings or investments, and by some measures, women’s average account balances are dwarfed by men’s.

Part of this financial gender divide can be blamed on factors beyond females’ control. For instance, women typically live longer than men and more often end up as the primary caregivers for their children, elderly parents and spouses.

But certain common behaviors that can derail a woman’s finances are also to blame, including these three frequent mistakes women—and men—may want to avoid.
Mistake #1: Not managing careers strategically

While women’s increased education and labor force participation have narrowed the wage gap, women still tend to make less than men. Women make 79 cents for every dollar made by their male counterparts, and the average full-time working woman loses more than $460,000 over a 40-year period in wages due to wage inequality, corresponding to 12 additional work years.

Some of this wage gap can be explained by factors such as industry and hours, but behaviors

Is JCPenney Stock Suitable for Your IRA or Roth IRA

7Shares of J.C. Penney Company, Inc. (NYSE: JCP) are not suitable for a traditional individual retirement account (IRA) or a Roth IRA. The stock is trending downward, and the growth outlook for the company is negative. JCPenney suspended its dividend in 2013 and has no plans to bring it back. Although the company has a seasoned history, it has struggled throughout the 21st century, particularly in the wake of the Great Recession. JCPenney’s high debt and poor return on equity (ROE) portend serious financial problems in the coming years. The company has lost significant business to the sale racks of higher-end department stores such as Macy’s, to discount department stores such as Kohl’s and to off-price retailers such as Ross and TJ Maxx.

According to TheStreet Ratings, portfolio managers recommend against purchasing JCPenney shares, giving the stock a D+ rating and advising current stockholders to sell their shares. The report cites the company’s poor ROE and questionable debt management practices.
JCPenney Stock: A Quick Overview

The most suitable stocks for retirement accounts are stocks that offer long-term stability. You don’t have to chase huge returns to accumulate a robust retirement nest egg, but be

3 Common Financial Mistakes for Women to Avoid

hjAfter a global equities rout to start 2016, stock market conditions appeared to stabilize in late February. With energy and equity prices absorbing substantial negativity, US. stocks were set to rebound through steady, modest improvement in commodity prices and economic conditions. Deceleration of Federal Reserve rate hikes also created a catalyst for equities.
Oil Price Rebound

Energy prices slumped in late 2015 and early 2016, with West Texas Intermediate (WTI) sliding from $49.60 in October 2015 to a low of $26.19 in February 2016. Oil price declines coincided with deteriorating global economic conditions, as growth expectations in China slowed and mixed data in other regions cast doubt on demand for energy and petroleum products. Most oil forecasts call for modest improvement in oil prices through 2016 and accelerating recovery in 2017, with February 2016 representing the bottom of the market. Analysts consider it unlikely that oil supplies will be curtailed significantly in the first half of 2016, so any upward pressure on energy prices in the near term will likely be driven by improving demand.

Depressed oil prices weighed on energy stocks, which created a drag on the stock market as a whole. From

3 Factors Driving Gold Prices Higher

tGold opened 2016 at $1082 per ounce, based on the London PM Fix, and this price rose to $1226 by February 26, 2016. The SPDR Gold Trust ETF (NYSEARCA: GLD) entered 2016 at $101.46, rising 17% to $118.76 by the end of February. In the first two months of 2016, the gold rally was supported primarily by instability in the global economy, while interest rates and inflation expectations provided the necessary conditions for gold to become the destination for capital. Analyst expectations for gold over the final three quarters of 2016 were mixed after the rally, but most forecasts called for losses or modest gains in gold prices. The Federal Reserve is expected to slowly continue its rate hikes, and disinflationary pressures remain strong globally. With stabilization in major equity markets, the major catalysts driving gold higher seem to be abating.

Gold is generally used as a hedge in portfolios, protecting against risks associated with adverse monetary, fiscal or macroeconomic conditions. Investors have historically flocked to gold in times of uncertainty or instability, due largely to the metal’s insulation from industrial production growth and its traditional use as physical currency. In the

Retiring and Selling Your House? Price It Right

tuuHome is where the heart is, but your love for your home can hurt your chances of selling it in retirement. After all, there are a lot of emotions attached to a home, especially if you were married in it or raised a family there. Emotion often makes people attach a high value to their property, not taking into account its age and condition.

An overvalued home – you can tell you made that mistake if it languishes on the market – can be particularly troublesome for retirees looking to downsize into a smaller or cheaper property as quickly and efficiently as possible. (For more, see Downsize Your Home to Downsize Expenses.)
Proper Pricing

According to Quicken Loans Home Price Perception Index, appraised values in February were 1.99% less than the amounts that homeowners estimated. That’s a slight widening of the gap since January and the first time in six month this has happened. The discrepancy between the appraised value and homeowners’ expectations was worst in Philadelphia, where appraised values were 3.64% lower than expectations.

When selling a home, price is almost everything. Listing at a fair

How to Stay in Compliance with L Shares

jkThe sale of variable annuity and L share annuity contracts constitutes a major portion of the business of many financial planners and advisors.

However, many advisors have failed to adequately explain the back-end surrender charges that come with these products to their clients. This has led to increased emphasis on fee disclosure by FINRA and other regulatory agencies, and those who continue to fail in this area can be hit with fines or other sanctions.

Here’s what you need to do to safely navigate through the sales process and meet with approval from your compliance department. (For related reading, see: FINRA: How It Protects Investors.)
Make a Full Disclosure

Make sure that your clients and prospects have a true understanding of the back-end sales charge schedules in their annuity and L-share contracts. This often requires more than simply handing them a schedule and expecting them to read it on their own. You might be wise to create a specific hypothetical scenario that shows how this schedule works. The following dialogue can help to illustrate:

“Here’s a sheet for you that breaks down the back-end surrender charge schedule. Be

Retirement Planning When You’re Raising Grandkids

yuTaking on the responsibility of raising a grandchild is a major challenge, emotionally and financially. Approximately 2.7 million grandparents are primary caregivers for their minor grandchildren in the U.S., according to the Census Bureau and 10% of children nationwide live with a grandparent.

In terms of the cost, the numbers are staggering. The most recent data from the USDA put the total cost of raising a child from birth to age 18 at $245,430 in 2013. For 50- or 60-somethings, the added expense of child rearing – for a second time, yet – can eat up any extra cash they may be saving for their later years.

If you find yourself stepping back into the parental role later in life, here’s what you can do to keep your retirement plan intact.
Rethink Your Time Frame

If you’re still actively working, the first thing to consider is whether you’ll still be able to retire on time. While working longer may not be ideal, having a steady paycheck for a few more years means you won’t have to tap into your savings right away. Not only that, postponing your

Worst States for Taxes on Social Security Benefits

ggDealing with the tax burden is one of the major obstacles in planning for retirement. There’s no way to know how healthy your plan is if you don’t know how it will be taxed. It can be a complicated situation.

When it comes to Social Security, the pesky tax complications vary on a state-by-state basis — 13 states currently tax benefits. Are you planning to retire in one of the states below? For a clue into how your benefits will be impacted, read on. (For related reading, see: State Taxes and Retirement: What You Should Know and Plan For.)

Colorado: The Centennial State only taxes Social Security if your income exceeds a certain amount. The tax rate for these benefits is 4.63% and only applies to those younger than age 65 who earn more than $20,000 or those 65 years and older who earn more than $24,000 in benefits.

Connecticut: This New England state is equally cold to Social Security benefits. Only married couples filing jointly and earning less than $60,000 in adjusted gross income are exempt from taxes

Will Amazon’s Logistics Ground UPS and FedEx

ffHow much will, Inc.’s (AMZN) improved logistics network hurt the growth of United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS) and FedEx Corporation (FDX)?

That’s become a legitimate question after Amazon said last week that it would lease twenty 767 freight aircraft made by The Boeing Company (BA) from Air Transport Services Group. These are wide-bodied freighter jets which Amazon will use for its own air transport network to speed up delivery, presumably to avoid having to depend on either UPS or FedEx. And that’s just the beginning. (See also: Making Sense of Amazon’s Move Into Logistics.)

According to reports, the Seattle-based e-commerce giant has had discussions with Boeing about buying its own 767 freighters. What does that mean for UPS and FedEx? Mark May, an analyst at Citigroup weighed in on Monday.

This creates concerns of a significant new investment cycle and of a change in the competitive landscape of the U.S. small package market…. While Amazon may shift greater shares of volume to other channels, we expect package volume growth to remain stable from Amazon and be complimented by growth from other e-commerce

Companies Copying Uber

cvvThe ride-sharing app Uber, has grown remarkably since its founding six years ago. While it is not profitable in every region, Uber has now proliferated to over 60 countries worldwide and garnered a staggering $62.5 billion valuation after multiple rounds of private funding. Uber’s success is often attributed to its disruptive business model, which allows users to request a cab simply by pushing a button in the app. Owing to Uber’s success, many new startups have attempted to follow in the ride-sharing app’s footsteps by applying Uber’s model to a wide array of services. Aside from Uber’s competitors in the ride sharing space, such as Lyft, Curb, and Sidecar, there are “Ubers” for groceries, laundry, and even menial tasks. Below are just some of the Uber-spawns (chart via WSJ).

Exhibit A: There’s an Uber for Everything (WSJ)

Uber for everything​

(For related reading, check out: 10 Hottest Startups In 2015 and The Story of Uber.)
The Ubers of Groceries: Instacart

Instacart is a web-based grocery delivery serviced, headquartered in San Francisco. According to the Wall Street Journal, Instacart is worth an estimated $2 billion dollars. While the initial

Hong Kong’s Richest Man

At the age of 11, Li Ka-shing and his family fled to Hong Kong from China after Japan invaded the country in the Second Sino-Japanese War of 1937-1945. His father died shortly after migrating to Hong Kong, and as a result, young Ka-shing was forced to drop out of high school to work. He later started a business at the age of 22 to better financially support his family. Fast forward to several decades later, Ka-shing, 87, is one of Asia’s most well-known and well-respected business leaders. He holds significant investments in a wide range of industries including real estate, telecommunications and oil and gas through two Hong Kong based holding companies, CK Hutchison Holdings Limited, and Cheung Kong Property Holdings. As of March 7, 2016, Forbes Magazine estimated Ka-shing’s wealth to be $30.2 billion, making him the wealthiest person in Asia as well as Hong Kong’s richest man for 18 years in a row.

A benevolent billionaire, Ka-shing has, through the Li Ka Shing Foundation, donated around US$1.86 billion to a number of philanthropic causes. He has also pledged to allocate at least one-third of his assets to fund his foundation.

6 Countries to Visit with a Strong Dollar

ccThe US Dollar Index has been quite volatile since the beginning of 2015; however, over the past five years, its rise has been drastic. Because of these big gains, the value of the dollar has increased substantially against other world currencies. That makes 2016 a great time to travel and see other parts of the world.

Are you unsure of where to go to take advantage of the strong dollar? How about checking out one of the following six countries where your dollar goes go a long way.

The value of the Russian ruble (RUB) has been crushed over the past year. As of March 1, 2016, the ruble’s value was one US Dollar to 74.023 Russian Rubles. This is an increase of nearly 103% over the past two years. There is no better time than the present to visit Red Square or even take the Trans-Siberian railroad.

In 2015, there had been little change in hotel prices throughout Moscow even with the economy suffering. Things have changed so far in 2016 because now you can see prices as much as 50% lower than normal.


The High Cost of Crowdfunding

rrYou’ve probably seen a crowdfunding campaign in one of your social media feeds or in the news. Crowdfunding is a way to bypass traditional lenders and funders and raise money from the public – through the collective efforts of friends, family, customers, investors and people who just want to help.

There are dozens of crowdfunding platforms today. Some, such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, are geared towards funding creative and business ventures; others, including GoFundMe and YouCaring, are intended for personal fundraising causes – to help cover medical expenses, for example.
Fees, Funding Models

While crowdfunding is a proven method of raising funds for a variety of reasons, it’s important to research the platforms before you choose one for your campaign. One thing to consider is what it will cost you. In most cases, you’ll pay a platform fee (what you pay the platform for hosting your campaign), plus a processing fee for accepting payments. A common fee structure is 5% for the platform and 3 to 5% for payment processing. For every $100 you raise, you’ll have to give up between $8 and $10 in fees

4 Reasons People Don’t Save Enough

22Life happens and can get in the way of even the most well thought out plan. That is particularly true when it comes to saving for retirement. Most people know they need to put money away, but other priorities often get in the way, whether it’s unexpected healthcare costs or focusing on funding a child’s college tuition. With that in mind, here’s a look at four things that commonly prevent people from saving adequately – or at all – for retirement. (For more, see Retirement Planning Basics.)
1. Healthcare Costs

Depending on the illness or disease, healthcare costs can render a person penniless and bankrupt. People who get hit with unexpected medical costs, whether their own or those of a family member, are going to have a harder time saving for retirement. In HSBC’s report “The Future of Retirement: Healthy New Beginnings,” which surveyed over 18,000 people in 17 nations, 76% of Americans cite poor health as the biggest roadblock to saving for retirement. (To read more, see How to Make Sure Your Healthcare Costs Do Not Ruin Your Retirement and Top Tips for Reducing

5 Retailers Set to Close More Stores

gSeveral retailers are expected to close stores this year, and there are likely more that have not yet announced similar intentions. “Anybody with a store count of over 800 stores in a mall is reducing store count,” says Ken Nisch, the chairman of retail marketing consulting firm JGA, in USA Today.

The new year’s economy is off to a rocky start. US. economic activity is ebbing, and more people are looking to purchase online rather than visit brick-and-mortar stores. The combination is a disaster for retail stores with physical locations. While many of them have online business, projected revenues of their physical locations are not high enough to warrant keeping the doors open.
Finish Line Inc.

Finish Line Inc. (NASDAQ: FINL) announced earlier this year that it was in the process of shuttering 150 stores, or roughly 25% of its total store count. The athletic footwear and sportswear company said that the closings would occur over the next four years. It intends to increase the profitability of each store location. The company projects a total $1 million loss in average annual sales, but it expects to recapture most of that through online sales and